Welcome to the 2017 SCAS/SCJAS Annual Meeting Registration Page

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2017 Annual Meeting

Saturday, March 25, 2017 

Coastal Carolina in Conway SC

Abstract Deadline:   

Registration and payment deadline: 

Hotel Information 




Thank you for your interest in attending and/or presenting at the 2017 SCAS/SCJAS Annual Meeting to be held at Coastal Carolina in Conway SC on Saturday March 25th.

 Registration (Payment) Deadline: 


For SCAS attendees and registrants – click on the Register SCAS (senior) tab.  Follow the instructions to register for the meeting, submit your abstract (if presenting) and indicate your registration preference (meeting only, meeting and membership etc.). 


For SCJAS student presenters - The 2017 Submission Guidelines (found on the FORMS link) provides your best pathway for ensuring you are properly registered and your abstract and research paper (if also submitting a paper) have been properly submitted.  You are strongly advised to read through these guidelines prior to registering for the meeting.  The online registration serves as both your meeting registration AND your SCJAS membership registration.  For students that completed a mentored project there are two additional items that are needed (further details on the FORMS tab).

2017 SCJAS Registration 

For 2017 – all SCJAS registrations must be completed online including the submission of your abstract and your research paper.  PDF is the preferred format for your research paper submission (though word .doc will be accepted) and you will copy and paste your abstract into the appropriate text box in the registration form.

Note: For schools with 20 or more students registering for and/or presenting at the SCJAS meeting - please contact Dr. John Kaup (SCJAS Executive Director) at john.kaup@furman.edu.  We will provide a spreadsheet option for registering your students and chaperones.   

We are thrilled to be hosting the 2017 SCAS/SCJAS Annual Meeting again and look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful campus on March 25th. 


Payment Due Date:  - Registration is not complete until payment is received.

SCJAS (Junior) Membership: $10

Annual Meeting registration students: $20 

Annual Meeting registration teachers: $20 

Annual Meeting registration parents: $20 

Annual Meeting plus membership: $30 


If only registering for the Annual Meeting: $30

Membership Dues and Registration: $40


If only registering for the Annual Meeting: $30

Membership Dues and Registration: $60

Membership Dues only $30.00

*Membership is required for students (SCAS and SCJAS) to compete for cash awards.